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Question 1: This format neatly accommodates all the 7-bit ________ characters in a convenient 8-bit byte.
ISO/IEC 8859-1ASCIICode page 437Windows-1252

Question 2: For example, the ________ and PCI buses use parity to detect transmission errors, and many microprocessor instruction caches include parity protection.
Serial ATASCSIUniversal Serial BusParallel SCSI

Question 3: It can be calculated via an ________ sum of the bits, yielding 0 for even parity and 1 for odd parity.
Logical disjunctionPropositional calculusExclusive orTruth table

Question 4: A "parity track" was present on the first ________ in 1951.
IBM Magstar MP 3570Linear Tape-OpenTape driveMagnetic tape data storage

Question 5: Because the I-cache data is just a copy of ________, it can be thrown away and re-fetched if it is found to be corrupted.
ComputerRead-only memoryRandom-access memoryComputer data storage

Question 6: In serial ________, a common format is 7 data bit, an even parity bit, and one or two stop bits.
Data transmissionOSI modelPhysical LayerModulation

Question 7: (See also ________.) Consider the same example as before with an even number of corrupted bits:
Reed–Solomon error correctionForward error correctionError detection and correctionCyclic redundancy check

Question 8: Parity was also used on at least some paper-tape ( ________ ) data entry systems (which preceeded magnetic tape systems).
Punched cardPaper data storagePiano rollPunched tape

Question 9: Even parity is a special case of a ________ (CRC), where the 1-bit CRC is generated by the polynomial x+1.
Cyclic redundancy checkFile Allocation TableC Sharp (programming language)Floppy disk

Question 10: See ________ for an example of an error-correcting code.
Forward error correctionASCIILinear codeHamming code


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