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Question 1: An example can be seen in the article on ________.
Earls BartonStrixtonMilton KeynesGrendon, Northamptonshire

Question 2: state of ________, and a number of island nations in the region of the Caribbean.
MississippiArkansasUnited StatesLouisiana

Question 3: Parishes of this type are found in England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the ________, the U.S.
United KingdomScotlandChannel IslandsJersey

Question 4: In the Roman Catholic Church, each parish has at least one parish ________, who has responsibility and canonical authority over the parish (the Latin for this post is parochus).
LutheranismPriestLiturgical bookBishop

Question 5: The patron can be an individual (or individuals in rotation), the Crown, a ________, a college, a charity, or a religious body.

Question 6: The parish system in ________ survived the Reformation largely untouched so shares its roots with the Roman Catholic system described above.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandWales

Question 7: For example, parishes operated the ________ poor law.
English ReformationEnglandTudor periodElizabethan era

Question 8: In the Church of England, part of the ________, the legal right to appoint or recommend a parish priest is called an advowson, and its possessor is known as a patron.
CatholicismAnglicanismAnglican CommunionEpiscopal Church (United States)

Question 9: In the ________, the parish is basic level of church administration.
Scottish ReformationScottish Episcopal ChurchHistory of ScotlandChurch of Scotland

Question 10: See Parish constable, Church rate, ________.
Parochial schoolChristian schoolFaith schoolPrimary education


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