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Paris Commune: Quiz


Question 1: Movements in Narbonne, ________, and Marseille were quickly crushed.

Question 2: The Italian composer, ________, also wrote an opera Al gran sole carico d'amore (In the Bright Sunshine, Heavy with Love) that is based on the Paris Commune.
Karlheinz StockhausenSerialismPierre BoulezLuigi Nono

Question 3: Later 12,500 were tried, and about 10,000 were found guilty: 23 men were executed; many were condemned to prison; 4,000 were deported for life to ________.
Wallis and FutunaNew CaledoniaFrench PolynesiaNorfolk Island

Question 4: According to Alfred Cobban, 30,000 were killed, perhaps as many as 50,000 later executed or imprisoned and 7,000 were exiled to ________.
Wallis and FutunaNorfolk IslandFrench PolynesiaNew Caledonia

Question 5: The numerous ad hoc organisations set-up during the siege in the localities ("quartiers") to meet social needs (canteens and ________ stations, for example) continued to thrive and cooperate with the Commune.
Automated external defibrillatorCardiopulmonary resuscitationFirst aidABC (medicine)

Question 6: The Commune was the result of an uprising in Paris after France was defeated in the ________.
Otto von BismarckGerman EmpireAlsace-LorraineFranco-Prussian War

Question 7: Many of France's leading intellectuals and artists had participated in the Commune (Courbet was its quasi-minister of culture, Rimbaud and ________ were active propagandists) or were sympathetic to it.
Paul CézannePierre-Auguste RenoirCamille PissarroEdgar Degas

Question 8: It was made in ________ in 2000, and as with most of Watkins' other films it uses ordinary people instead of actors in order to create a documentary effect.
ParisHenri de Toulouse-LautrecMontmartreMontparnasse

Question 9: On May 21 a gate in the western part of the fortified ________ of Paris was opened, and Versaillese troops began the reconquest of the city.
Defensive wallCity gateFortificationCastle

Question 10: ________, who deemed the Paris Commune an excellent example of the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat", also wrote about the Paris Commune in The Paris Commune (to be found in Lenin on the Paris Commune).
Vladimir LeninNikita KhrushchevAlexander KerenskyJoseph Stalin


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