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Parenting styles: Quiz


Question 1: ________ – Encourages parents to plan and organise less for their children, instead allowing them to enjoy their childhood and explore the world at their own pace.
Slow parentingAfter-school activityParenting stylesHelicopter parent

Question 2: [17] This is supposed to result in children having a higher ________ and independence because of the democratic give-take nature of the authoritative parenting style.
Self-esteemPsychological manipulationBullyingRelational aggression

Question 3: A number of ethical parenting styles have been proposed, some based on the authoritarian model of strict obedience to scriptural law (for example in the ________), others based on empathy with the emotional state of a child.
Biblical canonBibleNevi'imChristianity and Judaism

Question 4: ________, a developmental psychologist, proposed eight life stages through which each person must develop.
Developmental psychologyJean PiagetSigmund FreudErik Erikson

Question 5: A parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their ________.
Attachment theoryFoster careChild disciplineParenting

Question 6: Particularly influential on opposite sides have been ________ and his book Dare to Discipline,[23] and William Sears who has written several parenting books including The Complete Book of Christian Parenting & Child Care and The Discipline Book.
Focus on the FamilyJames DobsonChristian rightJerry Falwell

Question 7: While some Christian parents follow a stricter and more authoritarian interpretation of the Bible, others are "grace-based" and share methods advocated in the ________ and positive parenting theories.
Benjamin SpockCo-sleepingAttachment theoryAttachment parenting

Question 8: ________ – Parents who try to involve themselves in every aspect of their child's life, often attempting to solve all their problems.
Helicopter parentSoccer momSlow parentingNanny

Question 9: In 1762, the French philosopher ________ published a volume on education, Emile: or, On Education.
Immanuel KantJean-Jacques RousseauGottfried LeibnizJohn Locke

Question 10: One of the best known theories of parenting style was developed by ________.
United StatesNew York CityDiana BaumrindCorporal punishment in the home


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