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Parathion: Quiz


Question 1: Insufficient oxygen will lead to ________ and permanent brain damage.
Vascular diseaseTransient ischemic attackCerebral hypoxiaCerebrovascular disease

Question 2: Gerhard Schrader for the German trust ________ in the 1940s.
IG Farben TrialIG FarbenMonowitz concentration campBayer

Question 3: The most common German brand was E605 (banned in Germany after 2002); this was not a food-additive "________" as used in the EU today.
E numberHigh-fructose corn syrupSaccharinSucralose

Question 4: The most common and very specific antidote is ________ in doses of up to 100 mg daily.
Muscarinic antagonistAtropineDicycloverineHyoscyamine

Question 5: [4] Parathion can be replaced by many safer and less toxic alternatives (less toxic ________, carbamates, or synthetic pyrethroids).

Question 6: ________ (public domain)
United States CabinetUnited States Department of Health and Human ServicesUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityUnited States Department of Defense

Question 7: Parathion is synthesized from diethyl dithiophosphoric acid (C2H5O)2PS2H, which is obtained by treatment of P2S5 with ethanol (________ is used to prepare methyl parathion).
Isopropyl alcoholPropan-1-olAcetic acidMethanol

Question 8: Based on animal studies, parathion is considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyā€ˇ to be a possible human ________.

Question 9: It is often applied to ________, rice and fruit trees.

Question 10: It was originally developed by ________ in the 1940s.
BayerIG FarbenMonowitz concentration campIG Farben Trial


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