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Parasuicide: Quiz


Question 1: This differs from ________ in that, in self-harm, the person's primary intention is to relieve unbearable emotions, sensations of unreality, or feelings of numbness by injuring their body.
Major depressive disorderBipolar disorderSchizophreniaSelf-harm

Question 2: Suicidal gestures are typically done to alert others of the seriousness of the individual's ________ and suicidal ideation, and are usually treated as actual suicide attempts by hospital staff.
Major depressive disorderSchizoaffective disorderMood disorderBipolar disorder

Question 3: It is considered to be a serious ________ issue.
Public healthHealth care systemEpidemiologyGlobalization and disease

Question 4: Nearly half of all ________ are preceded by an attempt at suicide that does not end in death.
Death and cultureSuicideCremationEuthanasia

Question 5: [2] Parasuicide is most common in ________ and young adults.
AdolescencePubertyAgeingDevelopmental psychology

Question 6: Parasuicide (Greek para-, "near" or "resembling", + suicide) refers to suicide attempts or gestures and ________ where there is no actual intention to die.
SchizophreniaMajor depressive disorderSelf-harmBipolar disorder


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