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Question 1: In some aircraft, particularly ________, the parasol wing is held above the fuselage by means of a closed structure known as a pylon.
Short SunderlandCurtiss Model HFlying boatShort Brothers

Question 2: This gives these aircraft a cleaner appearance, especially when combined with a ________, as there are no visible struts.
Truss bridgeCantilever bridgeBeam (structure)Cantilever

Question 3: [1] Parasol wing designs resemble ________ lacking their lower set of wings.
Junkers J 1Interplane strutBiplaneAileron

Question 4: A typical example of a pylon parasol aircraft with struts is the ________.
PBY CatalinaLockheed VenturaGrumman GooseHU-16 Albatross

Question 5: Typical around the 1930s, it is no longer a common configuration, but is sometimes still found in designs for ________.
Experimental aircraftAircraft engineHomebuilt aircraftVan's Aircraft


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