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Parasitic worm: Quiz


Question 1: Helminths may also affect nutrition by inducing ________.
Iron deficiency anemiaPlummer-Vinson syndromeSerum ironSickle-cell disease

Question 2: [5] ________ has also been associated with reduced stamina for physical labor, a decline in the ability to learn new information, and “apathy, irritability, and fatigue.”[7]
Aplastic anemiaPernicious anemiaIron deficiency anemiaAnemia

Question 3: All worm offspring are passed on through poorly-cooked meat, especially pork, wild fish, and ________, contaminated water, feces and mosquitoes.
Taboo food and drinkBeefCattleMilk

Question 4: [8] A review of several data clearly revealed that effective treatment of helminth infection reduces HIV progression and viral load, obviously by improving helminth-induced ________ suppression.
Immunity (medical)AntibodyPassive immunityImmune system

Question 5: Parasitic worms or helminths (pronounced /ˈhɛlmɪnθs/) are a division of eukaryotic parasites that, unlike external parasites such as lice and ________, live inside their host.

Question 6: (1999), which studied worm burden in the Philippines and ________, respectively.

Question 7: Those that live inside the ________ are called intestinal parasites.
Colorectal cancerAscending cholangitisHuman gastrointestinal tractPeritonitis

Question 8: [1] They are worm-like organisms that live and feed off living hosts, receiving nourishment and protection while disrupting their hosts' nutrient absorption, causing weakness and ________.

Question 9: Diseases caused in humans by helminth infection include ________, dracunculiasis, elephantiasis, hookworm, lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, and trichuriasis.

Question 10: Parasitic worms are categorized into three groups: cestodes, ________, and trematodes.

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