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Parapsychology: Quiz


Question 1: [12] The status of parapsychology as a ________ has also been disputed.
PseudoscienceSocial sciencesScienceScientific method

Question 2: One of the first collaborative efforts of the SPR was its Census of Hallucinations, which researched apparitional experiences and ________.
Out-of-body experienceHallucinations in the saneHypnagogiaTrance

Question 3: As opposed to the approaches of psychical research, which generally sought qualitative evidence for paranormal phenomena, the experiments at Duke University proffered a quantitative, ________ approach using cards and dice.
Regression analysisStatisticsProbabilityMathematical statistics

Question 4: Additionally, research not affiliated with the PA was being carried out in ________ and the former Soviet Union.
Western EuropeCentral EuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 5: The most recent meta-analysis on ________ was published in Psychological Bulletin, along with several critical commentaries.
Extrasensory perceptionParanormalParapsychologyPsychokinesis

Question 6: Parapsychology is a discipline that seeks to investigate the existence and causes of ________ abilities and life after death using the scientific method.
James RandiPsychokinesisTelepathyPsychic

Question 7: Under the guidance of psychologist William McDougall, and with the help of others in the department—including psychologists Karl Zener, ________, and Louisa E.
Extrasensory perceptionJames RandiJoseph Banks RhineParapsychology

Question 8: [24] The term originates from the Greek: παρά para meaning "alongside", and ________.
NeuropsychologyCognitive neuroscienceSigmund FreudPsychology

Question 9: The auditory sense is usually blocked by playing ________, static, or similar sounds to the recipient.
Noise reductionWhite noiseShot noiseJohnson–Nyquist noise

Question 10: In 1998, Moody was appointed chair in "consciousness studies" at the ________.
Sam Boyd StadiumUNLV Runnin' Rebels basketballUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasUNLV Rebels


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