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Paraphilic infantilism: Quiz


Question 1: Generally, they have ordinary ________ or homosexual sexual experiences otherwise.
HomosexualityBisexualityHeterosexualitySexual orientation

Question 2: Alternatively, some transgender people simply participate in ageplay as their ________ as a logical extension of their transgender life.
Third genderTranssexualismAndrogynyGender identity

Question 3: In turn, psychosexual infantilism referred to those who haven't "matured" through ________'s psychosexual stages into heterosexuality.
Immanuel KantWilliam JamesSigmund FreudExistentialism

Question 4: Sissies are not necessarily ________ in that, while some might be expressing an alter ego that is a baby girl, they might not wish to be an adult woman at other times.
AndrogynyTransgenderThird genderTranssexualism

Question 5: The ________ included significant distress or impairment for a period of over six months among the diagnostic criteria for paraphilic infantilism.
Anti-psychiatryAmerican Psychiatric AssociationPsychiatryPsychotherapy

Question 6: A few adult babies wear diapers all the time, and may seek to develop ________.
Nocturnal enuresisUrinary incontinenceUrinary retentionDysuria

Question 7: One extreme involves the fantasy of being an ________ or small child; adorable, sexually innocent, and powerless.
Attachment theoryPrenatal developmentPregnancyInfant

Question 8: Confusing infantilism with ________ is a common misunderstanding.
Sexual fetishismZoophiliaPedophiliaParaphilia

Question 9: The infant fantasy might involve diapers, baby clothes, and toys to help define the infant's ________.
Role theoryRobert K. MertonAchieved statusRole

Question 10: [1][8] There is no singular, ________ behavior for paraphilic infantilism, but a wide range of thought patterns and behaviors.
ArchetypeLiteratureSuperheroThe Tempest

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