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Parameter: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, parameters are often called arguments, and the two words are used interchangeably.
Electrical engineeringComputingElectronic engineeringSoftware engineering

Question 2: In statistics and ________, the probability framework above still holds, but attention shifts to estimating the parameters of a distribution based on observed data, or testing hypotheses about them.
EconometricsEconomicsEconomic historyHeterodox economics

Question 3: The parameter λ is the ________ number of observations of some phenomenon in question, a property characteristic of the system.
VarianceMeanStandard deviationArithmetic mean

Question 4: For example, one talks about "a ________ with mean value λ".
Normal distributionPoisson distributionGeneralized normal distributionGamma distribution

Question 5: In the special case of parametric equations the ________ are called the parameters.
SociologyDependent and independent variablesMathematicsVariable (mathematics)

Question 6: In ________ (especially involving data acquisition) the term parameter sometimes loosely refers to an individual measured item.
Mechanical engineeringEngineeringCivil engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 7: Within linguistics, the word "parameter" is almost exclusively used to denote a binary switch in a ________ within a Principles and Parameters framework.
Creole languagePsychological nativismUniversal grammarNoam Chomsky

Question 8: In ________, integrals dependent on a parameter are often considered.
MathematicsMathematical analysisSet theoryCalculus

Question 9: ________ typically can have one or more variables and zero or more parameters.
Georg CantorSet theorySet (mathematics)Function (mathematics)

Question 10: It is possible to use the sequence of moments (mean, mean square, ...) or ________ (mean, variance, ...) as parameters for a probability distribution.
Characteristic function (probability theory)Normal distributionCumulantPoisson distribution


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