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Parallel SCSI: Quiz


Question 1: Nearly all SCSI hard drives being manufactured at the end of ________ were Ultra-320 devices.

Question 2: SCSI devices in the same SCSI transport family are generally ________.
Backward compatibilityWiiNintendoSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

Question 3: Because of this, most manufacturers have skipped over Ultra640 and are developing for ________ instead.
Fibre ChannelSerial attached SCSISerial ATAUniversal Serial Bus

Question 4: See the main ________ article for a complete list.
SCSIUniversal Serial BusParallel SCSISerial ATA

Question 5: Some modern SCSI host adapters allow the enabling or disabling of termination through ________.
Extensible Firmware InterfaceOperating systemMacintoshBIOS

Question 6: The original standard that was derived from SASI and formally adopted in 1986 by ________.
International Organization for StandardizationFortranC (programming language)American National Standards Institute

Question 7: The original SCSI-1 version of the parallel bus was 8 bits wide (plus a ninth ________).
Parity bitError detection and correctionASCIIComputer data storage

Question 8: The arbitration process can use up a lot of bus bandwidth so more recent devices support a simplified protocol called Quick Arbitration and Selection (________).
EpinephrineQueensland Ambulance ServiceAtropineAspirin

Question 9: Parallel SCSI (formally, SCSI Parallel Interface, or SPI) is one of the interface implementations in the ________ family.
Universal Serial BusSCSISerial ATAIEEE 1394 interface

Question 10: See the ________ article for a more detailed description.
Serial ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceParallel ATASCSI connector


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