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Paraklesis: Quiz


Question 1: A Paraklesis or Supplicatory Canon in the Orthodox Christian Church and ________, is a service of supplication for the welfare of the living.
East–West SchismLatin RiteRoman Catholic theologyEastern Catholic Churches

Question 2: It is addressed to a specific ________ or to the Most Holy Theotokos whose intercessions are sought through the chanting of the supplicatory canon together with psalms, hymns, and ekteniae (litanies).
Orthodox ChurchJesusSaintChristianity

Question 3: The most popular Paraklesis is that in which the supplicatory canon and other hymns are addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos (the ________).
Blessed Virgin MaryTheotokosBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Mary (mother of Jesus)

Question 4: In the ________, the equivalent of a Paraklesis is the Moleben, which is similar in structure, except that the canon is omitted, retaining only the refrains and Irmoi of the third, sixth and ninth odes.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic ChurchRussian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian Orthodox Church

Question 5: However, during the ________ (August 1—14, inclusive), the Typikon prescribes that the Small and Great Paraklesis be chanted on alternate evenings, according to the following regulations:
Dormition of the TheotokosGreat LentEasterLent


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