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Paragliding: Quiz


Question 1: The paraglider ________ or canopy is known in aeronautical engineering as a ram-air airfoil, or parafoil.
FlightWingtip deviceLeading edge slatsWing

Question 2: Potential thermals can be identified by land features which typically generate thermals, or by cumulus clouds which mark the top of a rising column of warm, humid air as it reaches the ________ and condenses to form a cloud.
Wet-bulb temperatureConvective available potential energyDew pointHeat index

Question 3: The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the ________.
FlightWingWingtip deviceLeading edge slats

Question 4: These threads were pulled together in June 1978 by three friends Jean-Claude Bétemps, André Bohn and Gérard Bosson from Mieussy Haute-Savoie, ________.
United KingdomCanadaFranceItaly

Question 5: In 1952 Domina Jalbert advanced governable ________ with multi-cells and controls for lateral glide.
United StatesParachutingParachuteAircraft

Question 6: If cumulo-nimbus (________) clouds are anywhere in sight, the effect of severe atmospheric instability may exist where you are.
Precipitation (meteorology)Severe weatherMeteorologyThunderstorm

Question 7: The current world champion is Andy Aebi of Switzerland; he won the title in February 2009 at Valle de Bravo in ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesNicaraguaMexico

Question 8: Foot-launched ________
AutogyroPowered hang gliderAirshipHang gliding

Question 9: The first World Championship was held in Kössen, ________ in 1989.
HungaryPolandCzech RepublicAustria

Question 10: Those cases can result in serious bodily injury or ________.
Death and cultureDeathImmortalityBurial

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