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Question 1: In 1968, the synagogue celebrated its 400th anniversary in a ceremony attended by ________, the Indian Prime Minister.
Jawaharlal NehruRajiv GandhiIndira GandhiC. Rajagopalachari

Question 2: In addition, the Cochin Jews currently have no ________, as the community is led by elders.
AntisemitismOrthodox JudaismConservative JudaismRabbi

Question 3: It was built adjacent to the Mattancherry Palace ________ on the land gifted to the Malabari Yehuden community by the Raja of Kochi, Rama Varma.
Temple (Latter Day Saints)Joseph Smith, Jr.JudaismTemple

Question 4: These ________ were compromised of the original Jewish settlers of Cochin.
Indian JewsCochin JewsJewish ethnic divisionsParadesi Jews

Question 5: The Paradesi Synagogue has the Scrolls of the Law, several gold crowns received as gifts, many Belgian glass ________, and a brass-railed pulpit.
Lead glassIncandescent light bulbChandelierVictoria and Albert Museum

Question 6: WMF - Paradesi Synagogue, Cochin archived February 14, 2005 on the ________
Calibre (software)Internet ArchiveGoogle BooksAmazon Kindle

Question 7: The White Jews, or Paradesi Jews, were the recent descendants of Sephardim from ________ and Spain.
Eighty Years' WarHollandAmsterdamNetherlands

Question 8: There is also an oriental rug, a gift from ________, the last Ethiopian Emperor.
Winston ChurchillMuammar al-GaddafiHaile Selassie I of EthiopiaDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 9: The inscription states that the structure was built in the year 5105 (in the ________) as an abode for the spirit of God.
Liturgical yearIslamic calendarByzantine calendarHebrew calendar

Question 10: The Paradesi Synagogue is the only functioning synagogue in Kochi today with a ________ (though this minyan must be formed with Jews from outside Kochi, as the number who still reside there is not sufficient).


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