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Parable of the Mustard Seed: Quiz


Question 1: Crossan claims this is part of the ________' style, rather than taking literal quotes from the Bible and commenting on them, he uses parables to generate discussion about the topics which just happen to be part of the Bible.
Second ComingHistorical JesusGospelNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 2: He points out that in Mediterranean climates, such as ________, black mustard is a managed weed.
NazarethGalileeTiberiasBeit She'an

Question 3: ________ has proposed that this parable[1], and others, are intentionally provocative.
JesusNew TestamentJohn Dominic CrossanJesus Seminar

Question 4: Possible ________ parallels are Daniel 4:10–12, 4:20–22 and Ezekiel 17:22–23, 31:1–9.
TanakhOld TestamentDeuterocanonical booksHebrew Bible

Question 5: There are Christian and Buddhist parables called "The Mustard Seed." See the article on Kisa Gotami, a main character in the parable, and ________ for more information on Buddhist scripture.
Buddhist textsMahayana sutrasBuddhismVajrayana

Question 6: Mustard is a forb/herb, not a tree." [1]</ref> The ________, which produced the Complete Gospels, rated this saying as one of its 15 red sayings.
Mark 1Jesus SeminarHistorical JesusNew Testament


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