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Question 1: [2] An exhaustive survey of milling in ________ did not uncover a single paper mill, nor do the Spanish books of property distribution (Repartimientos) after the Christian reconquest refer to any.
Al-AndalusIslamic Golden AgeHispaniaIslamic contributions to Medieval Europe

Question 2: [9] The two main suppliers of paper machines are Metso and ________.
ZF FriedrichshafenVoithSiemensMAN SE

Question 3: Evidence for paper mills is elusive in both Chinese[1] and Muslim ________.
Tang DynastyHempPapermakingPulp (paper)

Question 4: A paper mill is a factory devoted to making paper from wood pulp and other ingredients using a ________ or similar apparatus.
Pulp (paper)Fourdrinier machineStarchChlorine


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