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Question 1: [3] While it is found in the opium poppy, papaverine differs in both structure and pharmacological action from the analgesic (morphine-related) opium alkaloids (________).
Poppy teaOpiateCodeineOpioid

Question 2: Papaverine (pronounced /pəˈpævəriːn/[1]) is an opium alkaloid used primarily in the treatment of visceral spasm, vasospasm (especially those involving the heart and the ________), and occasionally in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
BrainDigestionNervous systemSensory system

Question 3: The in vivo mechanism of action is not entirely clear, but an inhibition of the ________ phosphodiesterase causing elevation of cyclic AMP levels is significant.
Enzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)EnzymeProtein

Question 4: [2][3] Functions as a vasodilator during cryopreservation when used in conjunction with verapamil, phentolamine, ________, tolazoline or nitroprusside.

Question 5: [7] Papaverine may also be used as a smooth muscle relaxant in ________ where it is applied directly to blood vessels.
PenisOrthopedic surgeryMicrosurgeryOral and maxillofacial surgery

Question 6: When administered chronically to mice it produced motor and cognitive deficits and increased anxiety, but conversely may produce an ________ effect.

Question 7: Papaverine has also been demonstrated to be a selective ________ for the PDE10A subtype found mainly in the striatum of the brain.
TheophyllinePentoxifyllineDoxofyllinePhosphodiesterase inhibitor

Question 8: It is also commonly used in ________ of blood vessels along with the other glycosaminoglycans and protein suspensions.
Assisted reproductive technologyIn vitro fertilisationHuman chorionic gonadotropinCryopreservation

Question 9: In ________ papaverine and homatropine-methylbromide are used in mild drugs that help "flush" the bile (e.g.

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