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Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song): Quiz


Question 1: [63] It was also present on the set list of Gaga's ________.
The Monster Ball TourPoker Face (Lady Gaga song)The Fame Ball TourPaparazzi (Lady Gaga song)

Question 2:
Which of the following labels did Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) work with?
Streamline, Kon Live, Cherrytree, Interscope
Live Nation Artists
Aqualung Live
Streamline, Kon Live, Interscope, Cherrytree

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) have?
Liviu's Dream
Lady Gaga "Paparazzi"
Bigger Picture
A Word to the Wives...

Question 4:
Who wrote Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song)?

Question 5:
What format does Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) follow?

Question 6:
What single was released before Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song)?
"Tot oder lebendig"
"Sale of the Century"
"Lost You Anyway"

Question 7:
Which of the following genres does Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) produce?

Question 8:
When was Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) recorded?
October 2004u2013December 2005
2008; 150 Studios

Question 9:
How long is Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song)?

Question 10: [30] The song was certified gold by the ________ (RIANZ) after fourteen weeks on the chart, shipping over 7,500 copies.
New Zealand Top 50 Singles of 2009New Zealand Top 50 Singles of 2007Recording Industry Association of New ZealandNew Zealand Top 50 Singles of 2004


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