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Question 1: The Lateran Synod held in 769 officially abolished the theoretical ________ held by the Roman people, though in 862, a Synod of Rome restored it to Roman noblemen.
Women's suffrageUniversal suffrageSuffrageSlavery

Question 2: Pope Gregory VII was the last to submit to the interference of the Holy Roman Emperors; the breach between him and the Holy Roman Empire caused by the ________ led to the abolition of the Emperor's role.
Avignon PapacyEast–West SchismCrusadesInvestiture Controversy

Question 3: When the cardinals still failed to elect a pope, the city refused to send in any materials except ________ and water.
BreadBreakfastMedieval cuisineRice

Question 4: In most cases, even if such considerations are absent, Popes tend to choose new papal names; the last Pope to reign under his baptismal name was ________ (1555).
Pope Benedict XIVPope Gregory XIIIPope Marcellus IIPope Leo XIII

Question 5: The only significant case where a cardinal did refuse the Papacy after being given a sufficient number of votes was ________ in the sixteenth century.
John FisherCharles BorromeoPetrus CanisiusRobert Bellarmine

Question 6: On the morning of the day designated by the Congregations of Cardinals, the cardinal electors assemble in St Peter's Basilica to celebrate the ________.
Eucharistic theologyTransubstantiationSacramental breadEucharist

Question 7: The most senior cardinals, the ________, were to meet first and discuss the candidates before summoning the cardinal priests and cardinal deacons for the actual vote.
Cardinal (Catholicism)Pope John Paul IICatholic Church hierarchyPope Benedict XVI

Question 8: After the demise of the Western Roman Empire, influence passed to the Ostrogothic ________ and in 532, John II formally recognised the right of the Ostrogothic monarchs to ratify elections.
CharlemagneKing of ItalyUmberto I of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of Italy

Question 9: John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI did not want the elaborate coronation ceremony for themselves, choosing instead to be inaugurated in a ________ ceremony.
St. Peter's BasilicaPapal TiaraPapal InaugurationPapal Coronation

Question 10: The Cardinal Dean reads the oath aloud in full; in order of precedence, the other cardinal electors merely state, while touching the ________, that they "do so promise, pledge and swear."[42]
GospelNew TestamentJesusApostle (Christian)


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