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Question 1: Panzer Dragoon was notable as one of the few games available at the ________'s accelerated, surprise launch.
Sega SaturnMega DriveMega-CDDreamcast

Question 2: One of Panzer Dragoon's major artistic influences was Moebius' (________) Arzach, a comic book series created by the French artist.
Alejandro JodorowskyEisner AwardJean GiraudBlueberry (comics)

Question 3: Panzer Dragoon (パンツァードラグーン Pantsuā Doragūn?)[1] is a rail shooter released on the Sega Saturn in ________, and later released on PC, PlayStation 2, and as an extra in Panzer Dragoon Orta for Xbox.

Question 4: [2] It was followed by Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and ________.
Panzer Dragoon OrtaPanzer Dragoon MiniSmilebitSega

Question 5: Reviews for Panzer Dragoon were positive, with Gamespot listing 4 critical reviews averaging 9.1/10, with awards including Best Saturn Game of 1995 by ________.
Nintendo PowerEGM April Fools' jokesElectronic Gaming MonthlyVideo game console

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