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Question 1: In October 1999, closer examination of tiny ________ crystals in the samples turned up shock lamellae, which could only have resulted from impact.

Question 2: One attendee pointed out that he hadn't ruled out the possibility that the spherules had merely been deposited by a passing meteorite or ________.
Solar SystemCometSunCentaur (minor planet)

Question 3: Most mountains' ________ show a more dendritic (tree-like) pattern rather than the rosette made by Esopus and Woodland creeks around the mountain.
River deltaDuneDrainage basinSediment transport

Question 4: He reasoned that if a crater wall lay beneath, the debris from the impact and the ________ already in the area would have settled more compactly and been more prone to sagging and fracturing over time.
SandstoneSedimentary rockGeologyGeologic time scale

Question 5: The impact is estimated to have occurred 375 million years ago, during the ________ period, when much of what is now the Catskills was either river delta or a shallow sea.
Late Devonian extinctionCarboniferousGeologic time scaleDevonian

Question 6: However, questions from crater specialists at a conference in ________ sent him back to look more closely at the cuttings.

Question 7: Three of the ________ around the edge of the mountain have earned separate names of their own.
CanyonDrainage basinValleySediment transport

Question 8: The proximity of the railroad led to another common Catskill industry of the time, ________ quarrying.
StonehengeMelbourneBluestonePennsylvania Bluestone

Question 9: This results in a lower ________ of rock and thus slightly reduced gravitational pull, which can be measured.

Question 10: In 2004, the ________'s Mars Express probe found an analogous circular plateau in the Solis Planum region of the Thaumasia Planum area of Mars.
European Space AgencyCNESItalian Space AgencySpace Race


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