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Question 1: of πανθεῖος - pantheios, "of or common to all gods", from πᾶν - pan, "all" + θεῖος - theios, "of or for the gods", from θεός - theos, "god") is a set of all the gods of a particular polytheistic religion or ________.
Greek mythologyMyth and ritualReligion and mythologyMythology

Question 2: The building was dedicated to "all gods" as a gesture embracing the religious syncretism in the increasingly multicultural ________, with subjects worshipping gods from many cultures and traditions.
Roman RepublicByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 3: Pantheon can also refer to a ________ or sacred building explicitly dedicated to "all deities", avoiding the difficulty of giving an exhaustive list.
TempleJudaismTemple (Latter Day Saints)Joseph Smith, Jr.

Question 4: This meaning, in modern parlance, is often used to describe the rise of a person into that exalted group, e.g., "________ has joined the pantheon of rock megastars."
The Rolling StonesMick JaggerKeith RichardsJagger/Richards

Question 5: The building was later renovated for use as a ________ church in 609 under Pope Boniface IV.
JesusCatholic ChurchChristianChristianity

Question 6: Certain works of fiction and fictional universes include their own complete pantheons of gods, such as the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, the ________ books, and various Dungeons & Dragons universes.
Dragonlance timelineDragonlanceGoldmoonRaistlin Majere

Question 7: ________'s 1922 opus, Economy and Society discusses the link between a pantheon of gods and the development of monotheism.
Austrian SchoolMax WeberKarl MarxSocialism

Question 8: The most famous such structure is the Pantheon of ________, built in the year 27 BC.


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