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Question 1: HuiUygur
Turkic peoplesKazakhstanKazakhsKazakh language

Question 2: The main purpose of the mission was to revive the Ambassador Route between Bhamo and ________ and resuscitate border trade, which had almost ceased since 1855 mainly because of the Yunnan Muslims' rebellion.
Diqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureKunmingYunnan

Question 3: In 1856, a massacre of ________ was organized by the Qing officials responsible for suppressing the revolt in the provincial capital of Kunming sparked a province-wide multi-ethnic insurrgency.

Question 4: By 1871, it was directing a campaign for the annihilation of the obdurate Hui Muslims of ________.
KunmingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureYunnanXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture

Question 5: The rebellion had a significant negative impact on the Burmese ________.
BurmaAvaKonbaung DynastyTaungoo Dynasty

Question 6: ________
List of accidents and disasters by death tollEthnic cleansingList of wars and disasters by death tollThe Holocaust

Question 7: [1] It was the name by which the Burmese called the Chinese Muslims who came with caravans to Burma from the Chinese province of ________.
Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureKunmingYunnanDiqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Question 8: Without the ability to import ________ from China, Burma was forced to import rice from the British.

Question 9: Hong Kong________Linxia
Ili Kazakh Autonomous PrefectureTurpanKumul (city)Kashgar

Question 10: The ________ with which the Hui were treated by the imperial administration was the cause of their rebellions.Template:Atwill, David G.
RacismRacial segregationAgeismDiscrimination


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