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Pantelleria: Quiz


Question 1: The original population of Pantelleria did not come from Sicily, and was of ________ or Ibero-Ligurian stock.
IberiansSpanish peopleSpainIberian language

Question 2: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementIntellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domain

Question 3: Its capture was regarded as crucial to the Allied success in invading ________ in 1943 because it allowed planes to be based in range of the larger island.

Question 4: The capture of Pantelleria was called Operation Corkscrew and it played a part as a vital base for Allied aircraft during ________.
Battle of CreteAllied invasion of ItalyAllied invasion of SicilyOperation Torch

Question 5: Two large ________ calderas dominate the island, which contains numerous post-caldera lava domes and cinder cones and is the type locality for peralkaline rhyolitic rocks, pantellerites.
PleistoceneLittle Ice AgeGlacial periodLast glacial period

Question 6: In 700 the Christian population was annihilated by the ________, from whom the island was taken in 1123 by Roger of Sicily.
Palestinian peopleIraqSyriaArab people

Question 7: [2] Many ________ vents are located on three sides of the uplifted Montagna Grande block on the SE side of the island.
HoloceneGeologic time scalePleistocene10th millennium BC

Question 8: [1] Holocene eruptions have constructed pumice cones, lava domes, and short, blocky ________.
BasaltVolcanoIgneous rockLava

Question 9: The ________ planned to capture the island as a test case for air power, so they intended to bombard it into submission entirely from the air.
9th Operations Group1st Operations GroupUnited States Army Air ForcesUnited States Army Air Corps

Question 10: The Romans occupied the island as the ________ record in 255 BC, lost it again the next year, and recovered it in 217 BC.
Imperial cult (ancient Rome)Ancient RomeRoman triumphRoman Kingdom


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