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Question 1: Many ________ species have thyrsiform inflorescences, notably Ceanothus thyrsiflorus.
CeanothusCeanothus integerrimusCeanothus cuneatusCeanothus fendleri

Question 2: This type of inflorescence is largely characteristic of grasses like ________ and crabgrass[1], as well as other plants such as pistachio and mamoncillo.

Question 3: A panicle is a compound raceme, a loose, much-branched indeterminate inflorescence with pedicellate ________ (and fruit) attached along the secondary branches; in other words, a branched cluster of flowers in which the branches are racemes.
SeedFlowerPollinationFlowering plant

Question 4: Many species in the Maloideae, such as hawthorns and ________, produce their flowers in corymbs.
RowanSorbus aucupariaSorbus hybridaSorbus torminalis


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