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Pangram: Quiz


Question 1: This particularly interesting kind of pangram arose from some verbal horseplay between ________, Rudy Kousbroek (a Dutch linguist and essayist) and Lee Sallows (a British electronics engineer).
Daniel DennettGödel, Escher, BachDouglas HofstadterArtificial intelligence

Question 2:
  • The Thousand Character Classic is a one-thousand-character poem in which each character is used exactly once, but it does not include all ________.
    Chinese characterSimplified Chinese charactersKanjiChinese language

Question 3: Pangrams are used to display ________ and test equipment.
Computer fontOpenTypeTypographic ligatureTypeface

Question 4: [1] In a sense, the pangram is the opposite of the ________, in which the aim is to omit one or more letters.
LipogramXJConstrained writing

Question 5: However, various analogies to pangrams are feasible, including traditional pangrams in a ________.

Question 6: A perfect pangram in the ________ contains every letter of the alphabet only once and can be considered an anagram of the alphabet.
South AfricaCanadaAmerican EnglishEnglish language

Question 7: These were computed using ________.
Boolean satisfiability problemAnd-inverter graphBinary decision diagramLogical conjunction

Question 8: Ideographic scripts, that is, writing systems composed principally of ________, cannot be used to produce pangrams in the literal sense, since they are radically different from alphabets or other phonetic writing systems.
KanjiChinese characterEgyptian hieroglyphsLogogram

Question 9: A pangram (Greek: pan gramma, "every letter"), or holoalphabetic sentence, is a sentence using every letter of the ________ at least once.
Arabic alphabetLatin alphabetAlphabetGreek alphabet

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