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Pandeism: Quiz


Question 1: at the center of the ________ tradition in philosophy, is another view of psyche that seems to owe little or nothing to the pan-vitalism or pan-deism (see theion) that is the legacy of the Milesians.

Question 2: The term has been used in some instances as a restatement of pantheism (the concept that ________ and the Universe are one) or panendeism (the concept that God both is the Universe, and transcends the Universe).

Question 3: It has been used to mean simultaneous belief in all ________ (omnism or omnitheism), or some elements thereof.
AtheismReligionSoulRelationship between religion and science

Question 4: Milesian philosopher ________ in particular favored the use of rational principles to contend that everything in the world was formed of variations of a single substance (apeiron), which had been temporarily liberated from the primal state of the world.

Question 5: The earliest mention of pandeism found to date is in 1787, in a footnote of Gottfried Große’s translation of ________’s Natural History:
CastraPliny the ElderRoman EmpireRoman Navy

Question 6: Higgins, in particular, used the term "Pandeism" as early as 1833 to describe his theorized cult of Pandu and the ________.

Question 7: Gottfried Große in his 1787 interpretation of ________’s Natural History, describes Pliny, a First Century figure, as a pandeist also.
CastraRoman EmpireRoman NavyPliny the Elder

Question 8: Pan is used in this same way in pantheism and ________, while deism is derived from deus.

Question 9: Thus, pandeism may theoretically cover a wide variety of positions, so long as these ________ fall at the same time within some form of pantheism and some form of deism.

Question 10: The third is the physical manifestation of God, having evolved through the realm of ________ and made those ideas seem to be matter, and may be pantheistic or pandeistic, depending on the interference of God in the Universe:
René DescartesGottfried LeibnizIdeaMartin Heidegger


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