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Panchira: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ and manga, panchira refers to a panty-shot or upskirt take.
AnimeAnimationTraditional animationSilhouette animation

Question 2: In the panchira-heavy anime ________, a man avoids an all-female patrol by hiding under a grate in the floor.
AIKa R-16: Virgin MissionOriginal video animationJapanAgent Aika

Question 3: AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission, ________ to Agent Aika
SequelStar Wars Episode IV: A New HopeCastlevaniaPrequel

Question 4: It is particularly prevalent in so-called harem anime, adult romances and ________.

Question 5: The word is a ________ of "panty" (パンティー pantī ?) and chira, the Japanese sound symbolism representing a glance or glimpse.
PortmanteauHumpty DumptySupercoupleBlend

Question 6: Panchira (パンチラ ?) means upskirt in ________.
United KingdomCanadaJapanCambodia

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