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Panchala: Quiz


Question 1: The names of the last two clans, the Somakas and the Srinjayas are also mentioned in the ________ and the Puranas.
Kurukshetra WarMahabharataKrishnaBhagavad Gita

Question 2: This would encompass the modern-day states of Uttarakhand and ________.
KanpurPilibhitLucknowUttar Pradesh

Question 3: King Drupada, whose daughter ________ was married to the Pandavas belonged to the Somaka clan.

Question 4: It roughly corresponded to modern Budaun, Farrukhabad and the adjoining districts of ________.
PilibhitKanpurLucknowUttar Pradesh

Question 5: [6][7] Probably, the last independent ruler of Ahichatra was Achyuta, who was defeated by Samudragupta and Panchala was annexed into the ________.
Gupta EmpireChola DynastyHarshaPala Empire

Question 6: 6th century BCE, it was considered as one of the solasa (sixteen) ________.
Pala EmpireGupta EmpireMahajanapadasMagadha

Question 7: Panchala (Sanskrit: पांचाल) is an ancient region of northern India, which corresponds to the geographical area around the ________ and Yamuna River, the upper Gangetic plain in particular.
Indus RiverGangesBhagirathi RiverGhaghara River


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