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Palpation: Quiz


Question 1: Virtual palpation alone is useful to quantify individual morphological parameters from ________: - limb length; - limb orientation; - joint angle; or - distance between various skeletal locations.
NeuroimagingFunctional magnetic resonance imagingMedical imagingRadiology

Question 2: Palpation should not be confused with ________, which is an awareness of the beating of the heart.
BradycardiaTachycardiaCardiogenic shockPalpitation

Question 3: Palpation is typically used for thoracic and abdominal examinations, but can also be used to diagnose ________ and to measure the pulse.

Question 4: Palpation is used as part of a physical examination in which an object is felt (usually with the hands of a ________ practitioner) to determine its size, shape, firmness, or location.
Health carePropertyHuman rightsTorture

Question 5: It is used by veterinarians to check animals for pregnancy, and by midwives to determine the position of a ________.
Umbilical veinFetusEmbryologyPrenatal development


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