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Question 1: A more traditional method, Vititi Mensú, is a form of envisioning or ________, using a sanctified animal horn capped with a mirror.
ScryingDowsingNecromancyCrystal gazing

Question 2: The identity of the Nkisi is further clouded because authors, either outsiders to the religion or coming from houses of Palo Cristiano, have attempted to associate the Nkisi with the ________ of Santeria, a different religion.
SanteríaYoruba religionOrishaCandomblé

Question 3: Known also as the Virgin of Regla, the patroness of Havana harbor, eq, ________.

Question 4: Palo, Congo, Inkisi at the ________
Life (magazine)Jim BarksdaleTime WarnerOpen Directory Project

Question 5: In ________ Congo religions are known as Umbanda, Quimbanda, Candomblé de Congo, or Condomble de Angola.
East TimorMozambiqueBrazilPortugal

Question 6: In ________ there is a Vodou denomination known as Makaya that is similar to Palo.
HaitiCap-HaïtienPort-au-PrinceTortuga (Haiti)

Question 7: The highest level of the Palo pantheon is occupied by the ________, Nzambi.
Creator deityGnosticismMonismMonotheism

Question 8: Palo, or Las Reglas de Congo are a group of closely related religions or denominations, which developed in ________ amongst Central African slaves of mostly Bantu ancestry.

Question 9: Palo has been linked to a rash of grave robbing in ________.

Question 10: Residents report that many of the graves at ________'Cementerio General del Sur have been pried open to have their contents removed for use in Palo ceremonies.
Mexico CityBuenos AiresVenezuelaCaracas


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