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Palm OS: Quiz


Question 1:
When was Palm OS released?

Question 2: Palm OS at the ________
Time WarnerOpen Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)

Question 3: A ________ was previously available for the Palm OS platform, however on 2008-01-12 Palm, Inc.
Java Class LibraryJava Virtual MachineJava (software platform)Java (programming language)

Question 4: Palm filed suit against Microsoft, forcing the name change to, first, Palm-sized PC, and later, ________.
Pocket PCPersonal computerNetbookPersonal digital assistant

Question 5: Palm OS versions earlier than 5.0 run on ________/Freescale DragonBall processors.
Caterpillar Inc.MotorolaSears Holdings CorporationBoeing

Question 6: Palm added to Palm OS 5.4 the Non-Volatile File System, and used Flash for storage instead of ________, preventing data-loss in the event of battery drain.
Random-access memoryDynamic random access memoryFlash memoryRead-only memory

Question 7:
Who developed Palm OS?
Mirax Group
MagicISO, Inc.
Erling Mylius
Palm, Inc., ACCESS

Question 8: Later versions of the OS have been extended to support ________.
Mobile developmentNetbookPersonal digital assistantSmartphone

Question 9:
What family does Palm OS belong to?
Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, Solaris
Jamie O.
Palm OS
Lisp Machine OS

Question 10: Palm OS does not differentiate between ________ and file system storage.
Random-access memoryFlash memoryDynamic random access memoryComputer data storage

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