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Question 1: For his formal inauguration ________ adopted an earlier form of the pallium, from a period when it and the omophorion were virtually identical.
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Paul VI

Question 2: There is a decided difference between the form of the modern pallium and that used in early Christian times, as portrayed in the ________ mosaics.

Question 3: According to the ________, it was first used in the first half of the fourth century, although Tertullian wrote an essay no later than 220 AD titled De Pallio (On the Pallium).
PopeLiber PontificalisPope Adrian IIPope Damasus I

Question 4: ________ in seventh-century England and St. Boniface in eighth-century Germany fell into this category.
JustusAugustine of CanterburyLaurence of CanterburyMellitus

Question 5: This process was condemned by the ________ in 1432, which referred to it as "the most usurious contrivance ever invented by the papacy."[2] The fee was later abandoned amid charges of simony.
Council of ChalcedonFirst Council of NicaeaCouncil of VienneCouncil of Florence

Question 6: For example, ________, the newly elected Dean of the College of Cardinals, received the privilege of wearing the pallium for the suburbicarian diocese of Ostia on 29 June 2005.
Carlo ConfalonieriAmleto Giovanni CicognaniEugène-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent TisserantAngelo Sodano

Question 7: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
CopyrightIntellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright infringement

Question 8: The theory that explains its origin in connection with the figure of the Good Shepherd carrying the lamb on his shoulders, so common in early Christian art, is obviously an explanation ________.
CausalityA priori and a posterioriImmanuel KantDeterminism

Question 9: This book relates, in the life of Pope Marcus (†336), that he conferred the right of wearing the pallium on the ________, because the consecration of the pope appertained to him.
Dean of the College of CardinalsRoman Catholic Suburbicarian Diocese of Porto-Santa RufinaCarlo SacconiBishop of Ostia

Question 10: At present only the Pope and metropolitan archbishops wear the pallium, and a metropolitan has to receive the pallium before exercising his office in his ________, even if he was previously metropolitan elsewhere.
Ecclesiastical provinceEastern Catholic ChurchesArizonaConnecticut


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