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Question 1: Of the sounds listed above only the three consonants in parentheses, , , and ḷh, are not distinct ________ in Pali: only occurs before velar stops and , and ḷh are allophones of single , and ḍh between vowels.
English orthographyPhonologyInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhoneme

Question 2: However Pali was ultimately supplanted in ________ by Sanskrit as a literary and religious language following the formulation of Classical Sanskrit by the scholar Panini.
Lok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 3:

Question 4: In ________, the chanting of a portion of the Abhidhammapiṭaka is believed to be beneficial to the recently departed, and this ceremony routinely occupies as much as seven working days.
MalaysiaThailandPapua New GuineaCambodia

Question 5: Historically, the first written record of the Pali canon is believed to have been composed in ________, based on a prior oral tradition.
MaldivesMalaysiaSri LankaPakistan

Question 6: In ________, the Pali Text Society has been a major force in promoting the study of Pali by Western scholars since its founding in 1881.
BalkansEastern EuropeEuropeWestern Europe

Question 7: The Velthuis scheme was originally developed in 1991 by Frans Velthuis for use with his "devnag" Devanāgarī font, designed for the ________ typesetting system.
GNU TeXmacsLyXWinEdtTeX

Question 8: King ________ erected a number of pillars with his edicts in at least three regional prakrits in Brahmi script,[13] all of which are quite similar to Pali.
BuddhismGreco-BuddhismAshoka the GreatSarnath

Question 9: In ________, Pali texts were recorded in Sinhala script.
MalaysiaSri LankaMaldivesPakistan

Question 10: As per the ________ (the chronicle of Sri Lanka), due to a major famine in the country Buddhist monks wrote down the Pali canon during the time of King Vattagamini in 100 BC.


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