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Palfrey: Quiz


Question 1: Another reason was the rise of the ________ and other breeds developed for horse racing and for light cavalry, both of which required horses able to gallop for substantial periods of time.
EquestrianismHorse breedingThoroughbredArabian horse

Question 2: Some of these breeds include the Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walking Horse, ________ and a sub-group within the American Saddlebred.
Connemara ponyIcelandic horseFjord horseShetland pony

Question 3: A palfrey is a type of horse highly valued as a riding horse in the ________.
Late Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 4: [3] The amble was the name given to a group of smooth, four-beat gaits faster than a walk, but slower than a ________ or gallop.
CanterEquitationDressageHunt seat

Question 5: The significant characteristic of the palfrey was that, rather than trotting, it usually possessed a smooth, ________ gait.
EquestrianismAmblingHorse gaitGaited horse

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