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Palestinian Christians: Quiz


Question 1: [8] The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was a Palestinian resistance group against the "Israeli occupation" founded in 1967 by Palestinian Christian ________.
Palestine Liberation OrganizationGeorge HabashYasser ArafatFatah

Question 2: Elias Chacour of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church is Archbishop of ________.
TiberiasGalileeBeit She'anNazareth

Question 3: Christians in the Middle East - 11 May 09 - Part 2 - Riz Khan at ________
EuronewsAl Jazeera EnglishBBC World NewsDD News

Question 4: Hany Abu-Assad: Palestinian film maker, director of ________
Paradise NowPalestinian National AuthorityAcademy Award for Best Foreign Language FilmIsrael

Question 5: ________: Palestinian Christian Militant of the Al-Aqsa Brigades
Palestine Liberation OrganizationSecond IntifadaFatahHamas

Question 6: Khalil Beidas: Scholar, educator, translator and novelist during the ________ cultural renaissance
EgyptArabic literatureAl-NahdaIslamism

Question 7: Estimates of the number of Arab Christians in the ________ vary.
AlgeriaSomaliaSyriaArab World

Question 8: [11] In May, ________ reported that 33,000 - 40,000 Christians remained in the West Bank, with around 17,000 following the Roman Catholic tradition and most of the rest following the Greek Orthodox church.
Bloomberg L.P.ReutersDick OlverThomson Reuters

Question 9: Christians began to emigrate from Palestine in large numbers in the mid-19th to early-20th centuries to escape both poverty and the religious persecution of Christians by the ________.
Ottoman EmpireTurkish peopleIstanbulTurkey

Question 10: The majority of Palestinian Christians belong to the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, one of the 16 churches of ________.
East–West SchismOrthodox ChurchEastern ChristianityChristianity


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