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Question 1: The Fenno-Scandian ice sheet covered northern ________, including Great Britain; the Alpine ice sheet covered the Alps.
BalkansEuropeEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 2: [20] The earliest Paleolithic stone tool industry, the ________, was developed by the earliest members of the genus Homo such as Homo habilis, around 2.6 million years ago.
AcheuleanOldowanStone AgeLower Paleolithic

Question 3: The formation of the Isthmus had major consequences on global temperatures, because warm equatorial ocean currents were cut off, and the cold Arctic and Antarctic waters lowered temperatures in the now-isolated ________.
Pacific OceanArctic OceanAtlantic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 4: [90] Paleolithic humans consumed animal organ meats, including the livers, kidneys and ________.
DigestionNervous systemBrainSensory system

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Humans may have taken part in long distance trade between bands for rare commodities and raw materials (such as stone needed for making tools) as early as 120,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic.
  An artist's rendering of a temporary wood house, based on evidence found at Terra Amata (in Nice, France) and dated to the Lower Paleolithic (c. 400,000 BP).
  The Paleolithic climate consisted of a set of glacial and interglacial periods
  Many great mammals such as wooly mammoths, wooly rhinoceros, and cave lions inhabited places like Siberia during the Pleistocene.

Question 6: ________ (c. 45,000 or 40,000–10,000 years ago).
Upper Paleolithic10th millennium BC8th millennium BCStone Age

Question 7: For instance, some European late Upper Paleolithic cultures domesticated and raised ________, presumably for their meat or milk, as early as 14,000 BP.
ReindeerMooseElkMountain goat

Question 8: ________ became linked to North America through the Isthmus of Panama, bringing a nearly complete end to South America's distinctive marsupial fauna.
Latin AmericaAmericasSouth AmericaAmericas (terminology)

Question 9: The formation of an Arctic ice cap around 3 Ma is signaled by an abrupt shift in oxygen isotope ratios and ice-rafted cobbles in the North ________ and North Pacific ocean beds.
Indian OceanArctic OceanSouthern OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 10: ________ humans produced works of art such as cave paintings, Venus figurines, animal carvings and rock paintings.
Upper PaleolithicStone Age8th millennium BC10th millennium BC

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