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Question 1: Paleoethnobotanists also recover and analyze microremains phytoliths, pollen ________, human paleofeces (sometimes called coprolite), and impressions in ceramic sherds (such as the imprint of grains in mixing bowl).
Geologic time scaleMicropaleontologyPalynologyGeology

Question 2: ________, the study of growth rings on trees relating to study of past environments, is another scientific discipline useful to paleoethnobotanical study.
Geologic time scaleRadiocarbon datingDendrochronologyTime

Question 3: Paleoethnobotany, also known as archaeobotany in European (particularly British) academic circles, is the ________ sub-field that studies plant remains from archaeological sites.
EngineeringMiningArchaeologyCivil engineering

Question 4: Major research themes are recovery and identification of plant remains, the use of wild plants, the origins of agriculture and domestication, and the ________ of human-plant interactions.
FlowerCharles DarwinParasitismCoevolution

Question 5: ________ is a mature and distinct scientific discipline that studies pollen, typically in the context of reconstructing past environments.
Geologic time scalePalynologyMicropaleontologyGeology


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