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Question 1: The relatively warm local minimum between Jurassic and ________ goes along with widespread tectonic activity, e.g.
DinosaurCretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventGeologic time scale

Question 2: It uses records from ice sheets, tree rings, sediment, corals, shells and rocks to determine the past state of the climate system on ________.

Question 3: There has been a cycle of ________ for the past 2.2–2.1 million years (starting before the Quaternary in the late Neogene Period).
Last glacial periodLittle Ice AgeIce ageQuaternary glaciation

Question 4: Certain layers contain ash from ________ eruptions.

Question 5: Paleoclimatology (also Palaeoclimatology) is the study of ________ change taken on the scale of the entire history of Earth.
MeteorologyPrecipitation (meteorology)RainClimate

Question 6: A similar, single event of induced severe climate change after a meteorite impact has been proposed as reason for the ________.
Geologic time scaleCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventDinosaurK–T boundary

Question 7: Geologically short-term (<120,000 year) temperatures are believed to be driven by orbital factors (see ________) amplified by changes in greenhouse gases.
Climate changeMilankovitch cyclesSolar variationGeologic time scale

Question 8: Massive deposits of tillites are found and anomalous isotopic signatures are found, which gave rise to the ________ hypothesis.
Ediacara biotaOxygenIce ageSnowball Earth

Question 9: The presence of snow and ice is a well-understood ________ mechanism for climate.
Exponential growthOxytocinEstrogenPositive feedback

Question 10: Some of the most severe fluctuations, such as the ________, may be related to rapid climate changes due to sudden collapses of natural methane clathrate reservoirs in the oceans.
NeogenePaleogeneMessinian salinity crisisPaleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum


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