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Question 1: The Paleo-Hebrew script has been recently revived for specific use in at least two ________: Zikarown Say’fer and The Besorah.
Sacred Scriptures Bethel EditionAmerican Standard VersionTetragrammatonSacred Name Bibles

Question 2: The script of the Gezer calendar bears strong resemblance to the akin contemporaneous Phoenician inscriptions from ________.
Tyre, LebanonGenoaSidonByblos

Question 3: Some Paleo-Hebrew fragments of the Torah were found among the ________: manuscripts 4Q12, 6Q1: Genesis.
QumranTanakh at QumranEssenesDead Sea scrolls

Question 4: Clear Hebrew features are visible in the scripts of the Moabite inscriptions of the ________.
Tel Dan SteleHebrew languageDavidMesha Stele

Question 5: The ________, who now number less than one thousand people, have continued to use the Old Hebrew alphabet until today.
Ashkenazi JewsSamaritanSephardi JewsJudaism

Question 6: The earliest known inscription in the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet was discovered on the stone on a wall at Tel Zayit, in the Beth Guvrin Valley in the lowlands of ancient ________.
AntarcticaJudeaFarafra, EgyptNegev

Question 7: The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet (Hebrew: כתב עברי עתיק‎, "Ktav Ivri Atik") is an abjad offshoot of the ancient Semitic alphabet, identical to the ________.
Greek alphabetPhoenician alphabetLatin alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 8: These translations use it for writing the ________ and other divine names, incorporating these name written in this script in the midst of the English text.
JehovahTanakhHebrew languageTetragrammaton

Question 9: In 1855 a Phoenician inscription in twenty-two lines was found among the ruins of ________.
SidonGenoaByblosTyre, Lebanon

Question 10: The most developed cursive script is found on the 18 Lachish ostraca, letters sent by an officer to the governor of Lachish just before the destruction of the ________ in 586 BCE.
Kohen GadolTabernacleSolomon's TempleKodesh Hakodashim


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