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Palatine uvula: Quiz


Question 1: (1998) In ________ episode It's Not My Job, Stephanie is afraid at the dentist and Joey tells her about the "courage hangy-ball" in the back of the throat.
Family MattersFull HousePerfect Strangers (TV series)Step by Step (TV series)

Question 2:
How do you write Palatine uvula in latin?
uvula palatina
musculus auricularis superior
Dioecesis Laohocheuvensis
Apostolicus Vicariatus Berenicensis

Question 3: The uvula functions in tandem with the back of the throat, the palate, and ________ coming up from the lungs to create a number of guttural and other sounds.
Atmosphere of EarthEarthNatureHistory of the Earth

Question 4: However, this operation can also cause sleep apnea if ________ tissue forms and the airspace in the velopharnyx is decreased.
Wound healingCollagenAcne vulgarisScar

Question 5: (2001) In ________ Happiness of the Katakuris, a small monster runs away with a woman's uvula.
Ichi the KillerTakashi MiikeDead or Alive (film)Full Metal Yakuza

Question 6: The uvula plays a key role in the articulation of the sound of the ________ to form the sounds of speech.
Human voiceSingingVocal rangeVocal pedagogy

Question 7: (2009) In a commercial for ________, a talking pair of lips implores viewers to "look into my uvula" in an attempt to hypnotize them.
Burger KingOrange JuliusDairy QueenKFC

Question 8: (1976) The uvula was featured in an early Saturday Night Live comedy skit starring Gilda Radner, ________, and Laraine Newman.
Chevy ChaseConan O'BrienDavid LettermanEddie Izzard

Question 9: (1997) "Weird Al" Yankovic used the word uvula frequently on the ________.
"Weird Al" Yankovic: The Ultimate Video CollectionUHF (film)Bedrock AnthemThe Weird Al Show

Question 10: An ________ which has formed on the uvula can also cause swelling and discomfort.
Systemic lupus erythematosusLeukoplakiaAphthous ulcerVasculitis


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