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Palaeogeography: Quiz


Question 1: Thus paleogeography provides critical evidence for the development of ________ and current plate tectonic theories.
PangaeaAntarcticaEarthContinental drift

Question 2: Plate tectonics: Behavior of plates covering the surface of the ________.

Question 3: Palaeogeography (also spelled paleogeography) is the study of what the ________ was in times past.
Human geographyPhysical geographyCartographyGeography

Question 4: For example, knowledge of the shape and latitudinal location of supercontinents such as ________ and ancient oceans such as Panthalassa result from paleogeographic studies.

Question 5: Paleogeographers also study the sedimentary environment associated with ________ to aid in the understanding of evolutionary development of extinct species.
PaleontologyGeologyGeologic time scaleFossil

Question 6: In petroleum geology the term paleogeographic analysis is used for the detailed study of sedimentary basins, since the ancient geomorphological environments of the ________'s surface are preserved in the stratigraphic record.

Question 7: Not to be confused with ________ (the study of ancient handwriting).
ZLatin-derived alphabetPalaeographyDiacritic


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