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Question 1: [3] When ________ was first published in 1985, the paladin class became a sub-class of the newly introduced cavalier class.
Unearthed ArcanaFiend FolioOriental AdventuresPlayer's Handbook

Question 2: Some ________ also waive this restriction (typically classes built especially for Paladins).
Paladin (Dungeons & Dragons)Character class (Dungeons & Dragons)Druid (Dungeons & Dragons)Fighter (Dungeons & Dragons)

Question 3: The paladin is one of the standard playable character classes in most editions of the Dungeons & Dragons ________ role-playing game.
FantasySpeculative fictionNovelFairy tale

Question 4: The second edition Player's Handbook gives a several examples of heroes throughout legend and history who could be called paladins: ________ and the 12 Peers of Charlemagne, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir Galahad.
RolandRenaud de MontaubanOrlando FuriosoItaly

Question 5: In the ________, paladin appeared as a sub-class, and while a paladin was now much more powerful, paladins have to satisfy more rigorous criteria.
Player's HandbookUnearthed ArcanaOriental AdventuresDungeon Master's Guide

Question 6: Certain feats found in the Complete Adventurer and the ________ campaign setting permit normal multiclassing (e.g.
Al-QadimEberronDungeons & DragonsDark Sun


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