Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: Quiz

Question 1: This membership campaign has been further extended to ________, and around 80,000 members were made from this city.

Question 2: Also other parties like Pakistan Muslim League(N) and Pakistan Peoples Party have jumped into ground and started to popularize their parties in ________.
KarachiLahorePunjab (Pakistan)Multan

Question 3: [13] Also the chairman of the party, Imran Khan went to ________ on 23 December 2008, during the membership campaign.

Question 4: The membership dive was further extended and taken to Rawalpindi/________, which started on 15 Dec 2008 and ended on 17 Dec 2008.

Question 5: He has a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and is a Master of Arts of the ________.
Oxford Brookes UniversityUniversity of SouthamptonUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Cambridge

Question 6: PTI is headed by former ________ cricket captain Imran Khan.

Question 7: The membership campaign was started by ________ for PTI to make it more famous and make the people of Pakistan know its agenda more deeply.
Zaheer AbbasJaved MiandadSarfraz NawazImran Khan

Question 8: [9] The membership campaign was to be started on the same day as on ________, but due to some problems it was delayed till 20 December 2008.

Question 9: The reason given was that Chief Justice of Pakistan ________ was put in house aresst by General (ret) Pervez Musharraf and not allowed to work[3].
Abdul Hameed DogarIftikhar Muhammad ChaudhryNasim Hasan ShahSaeeduzzaman Siddiqui

Question 10: [15] The next cities where the membership is to be started, as the sources tell, are Multan and ________.
Murree TehsilSargodhaGujranwalaFaisalabad

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