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Pakistan Railways: Quiz


Question 1: Establishing direct rail connections with China were announced by ________ in 2006.
Ayub KhanPervez MusharrafAbdul Qadeer KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq

Question 2: On May 13th, ________ the first railway line was opened to the public, between Karachi (city) and Kotri, with a total distance of 105 miles (169 km).
March 41861November 11948

Question 3: on August 14, 2009 by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani between Islamabad and ________ via Tehran.
AnkaraIstanbulTurkeyTurkish people

Question 4: By 1898 as the network began to grow, another proposed railway line was in the works from ________ to Karachi.

Question 5: The factory can produce two ________ per month on single-shift basis, but this can be doubled by introducing a second working shift.
Diesel engineDiesel locomotiveRail transportCanadian Pacific Railway

Question 6: Now that the rail systems are linked up at Zahedan, there is a break-of-gauge between the ________ standard gauge tracks and Pakistan Railways broad gauge.
Rail transport by countryChemins de Fer SyriensIslamic Republic of Iran RailwaysTrans-Iranian Railway

Question 7: Plans to increase train speeds, install more lengths of double track and to convert the country's railways to ________ are also currently under work.
Narrow gauge railwayBroad gaugeRail gaugeStandard gauge

Question 8: It closely followed the route taken by ________ and his army while marching through the Hindu Kush to the Arabian Sea.
Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 9: Eight ________ were substantially damaged when an axle broke due to over loading.
LocomotiveTrainBogieSuspension (vehicle)

Question 10: The second phase will extend line to Kandahar and the third phase will eventually connect to ________.


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