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Pakistan Air Force: Quiz


Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  PAF Super Mushak Trainer
  Flying Officer Waleed Ehsanul Karim poses in front of his F-86.
  The Nanchang Q-5 in Chinese service, a modified A-5C variant is in service with the PAF and being replaced by the JF-17.
  Dassault Falcon DA-20

Question 2: The prefix Royal was removed when ________ gained the status of Republic on 23 March 1956.

Question 3: HQ-2 - Chinese version of ________ high altitude air defence system, 12 or more batteries procured circa 1970s.
S-75 DvinaStrela 2P-15 TermitS-125 Neva/Pechora

Question 4:
Which of the following battles did Pakistan Air Force take part in?

Question 5: These are believed to be a PAF-specific version of the KJ-200, incorporating a Chinese ________ radar similar to the Erieye mounted on the Shaanxi Y-8F600 transport aircraft.
Active Electronically Scanned ArrayF-15E Strike EagleF-22 RaptorF-16 Fighting Falcon

Question 6: It is an elite special operations force based upon the US Air Force's ________ unit and the US Army's Ranger units.
9th Operations Group1st Special Operations Wing27th Special Operations Wing53d Wing

Question 7: Heavy-lift transports comprise 3 Boeing 707s transferred from ________ starting 1986.
Air FranceAir IndiaBiman Bangladesh AirlinesPakistan International Airlines

Question 8:
What is the motto of Pakistan Air Force?
Courage before every danger,
Achieving Excellence Since 1897
sahraast ke daryast,tah e bal o par e mast
u00ABPursue your passionu00BB

Question 9: Air Vice Marshal Sajid Habib — DG Joint Operations (DG JO), GHQ, ________

Question 10:
What is the garrison of the Pakistan Air Force?

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