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Pakhet: Quiz


Question 1: While this ________ aspect led to her being associated with desert storms, as was Sekhmet.
AntarcticaAtacama DesertDesertSahara

Question 2: By the time Pakhet appeared in the ________, during the Middle Kingdom, Bast came to be considered less as a fierce lioness, becoming more gentle, as a domesticated cat could be.
Egyptian pantheonIsisRaMut

Question 3: Hatshepsut is known to have restored temples in this region that had been damaged by the ________ invaders.
Egypt (Roman province)Predynastic EgyptNew KingdomHyksos

Question 4: As with Bast and Sekhmet, she also is associated with ________ and thereby, is a sun deity as well, wearing the solar disk as part of her crown.
MutHathorEgyptian pantheonIsis

Question 5: Great numbers of mummified ________ have been found buried there.
Gray WolfRaccoonLionCat

Question 6: Her hunting nature led to the Greeks, who later occupied Egypt for three hundred years, identifying Pakhet with ________.
Greek mythologyHeraArtemisApollo

Question 7: This is in the middle of Egypt, on the east bank of the ________.
Ancient EgyptWhite NileNileAlexandria

Question 8: In ________, she was depicted as a feline-headed woman, or as a feline, often depicted killing snakes with her sharp claws.

Question 9: Another title found is, Horus Pakht, the presence of many mumified hawks at the site would further the association with Hathor who was the mother of ________, the hawk, the pharaoh, and the sun.
HorusOsirisSet (mythology)Apis (Egyptian mythology)


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