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Question 1: The researchers will use fMRI and ________ to study how the cod brain works.
ElectroencephalographyNervous systemEpilepsyNeurosurgery

Question 2: [1] Specialists currently believe that all ________ can feel pain, and that certain invertebrates, like the octopus, might too.

Question 3: The Norwegian Research Council is funding a three-year research project, scheduled to end in December 2011, into whether ________ can feel pain.
Atlantic codWild fisheriesCodSillaginidae

Question 4: ________, native to the streams of the south eastern Himalayan region, are commonly used as a model organism in studies of vertebrate development and gene function.
EnsemblHomoloGeneZebrafishZebrafish Information Network

Question 5: The short-lived ________ is also used in laboratory studies because of its ease of breeding and predictable pattern of ageing.
AquariumRam cichlidNeon tetraFishkeeping

Question 6: ________
Animal rightsPeter SingerMoral status of animals in the ancient worldVegetarianism

Question 7: In light of recent research, some countries, like Germany, have banned specific types of fishing, and the ________ (which has authority in England and Wales) now formally prosecutes individuals who are cruel to fish.
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsAnimal rightsNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Animal protection advocates have raised concerns about the possible suffering of fish caused by ________.
Rough fishAnglingCoarse fishingGame fish

Question 9: [18] Studies indicating that fish can feel pain were confusing ________ (responding to threatening stimulus) with feeling pain, says Rose.
AllodyniaAnterolateral systemNociceptorNociception


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