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Question 1: In April 2009, the ________ voted to approve the extension of PACS to two French overseas collectivities: New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna.
National Assembly of FranceGovernment of FranceFrench legislative election, 2007French presidential election, 2007

Question 2: The ________ has generated the French verb se pacser /pakse/, conjugated and accepted in all regular forms and gives the adjective pacsé for this form of civil union.
AbbreviationAcronym and initialismEnglish languageUnited States

Question 3: In ________, the French Government began preparations for expanding the rights granted in PACS.
December 2004November 2004February 2005January 2005

Question 4: Initially, PACS offered the right to file joint ________ only after 3 years.
Progressive taxIncome taxPayroll taxTax haven

Question 5: In ________, PACS was described in a report to the Garde des Sceaux (minister for justice) as "a new way of conjugality, answering many needs and inscribed in continuity".

Question 6: [8][9] Indeed, in other collectivites, such as ________ and Mayotte, PACS cannot yet be performed.
New CaledoniaTuvaluWallis and FutunaFrench Polynesia

Question 7: As of ________, all PACS couples are required to file joint taxes, in the same manner as married couples.

Question 8: *DC (subject to Congressional review) and ________ same-sex marriage laws are effective from 1 March and 4 March 2010, respectively.
São PauloRio de JaneiroMoscowMexico City

Question 9: Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage legislation
Timeline of same-sex marriage
Civil union
Registered partnership
Civil partnership
Listings by country
Same-sex relationshipDomestic partnershipWisconsin Referendum 1 (2006)LGBT rights by country or territory

Question 10: At its creation, ________ described PACS as "not adapted to the needs of families".
Jacques ChiracGeorges PompidouCharles de GaulleDominique de Villepin

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